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Obligations of Parents

Obligations of Parents

The Parents will:

  • Furnish required medical and contact information prior to enrollment and regularly thereafter.
  • Bring the child to a teacher each day, sign IN and upon pick-up, sign OUT on the class attendance register.
  • Notify Heritage Kids Christian Academy when a person not previously authorized in writing or not known to the staff will pick up the child.
  • Dress the child appropriately.
  • Abide by “Illness Exclusion” and “Arrival Time” policies.
  • Notify Heritage Kids Christian Academy if the child is exposed to any communicable illness or is absent for any other reason.
  • Immediately pick up the child when notified of illness.
  • Attend Parent conferences when requested.
  • Keep enrollment record information current.
  • Give Heritage Kids Christian Academy written notice of withdrawal a full month in advance, as of the end of the month, or forfeit the Deposit.
  • Park only in spaces not marked as reserved for others.
  • Respect the non-religious nature of Center programs.
  • Refrain from reprimanding or disciplining children of other families while on Heritage Kids Christian Academy premises.
  • Abide by all rules and policies in the Parent Handbook.
  • Escort children to and from Center.
  • Provide all required record information and keep child’s record current by immediately notifying Facility of any changes (I.e phone numbers e.t.c).
  • Provide Heritage Christian Kids Academy with child’s disposable diapers, baby wipes, Lotions, feeding Bottle for water, formula, and / or milk, Full change of clothing including underwear and socks, Sunscreen, Clothing suitable for outdoor play for each season, Car seat or booster seat.

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