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Child Attendance / Absentees

Child Attendance / Absentees

If your child will not attend on a regularly scheduled day please let us know by 9:00AM or within 30 minutes of your child’s scheduled arrival time. If a child who is scheduled to arrive at the center does not arrive within 60 minutes of the specified time on the written agreement signed by the parent, and we have not been notified of the child’s impending absence, we will attempt to contact the parent or guardian to determine the child’s whereabouts.

Drop off after 10:00am is not permitted unless for medical appointments, and you are required to provide a doctor’s excuse for the student to return to school.

We will not transport children who attend school at Arise Preparatory Academy & Technology Center to and from the center in the morning and after school.

All children enrolled at the Center must be escorted to and from the facility by an adult.

After a child has been enrolled for 12 months, we will allow 5 days off per year (NOT for part-time enrollments) with no fee required. These days may be used for sick or vacation time. After these 5 days are used, we will require full payment for any other absences, for the rest of that year.

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