Academics | A Day

Day-to-day academy activities

Letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, reading readiness, vocabulary, literature, handwriting.

Small group and independent reinforcement of skills and learning through play.

Assessment of readiness skills; independent readers are able to participate in AR—an enrichment program which provides the opportunity for students to be assessed on comprehension skills.

Math readiness, number sense, sorting, graphing, patterns, classification, counting, shapes, time, money, addition and subtraction, problem solving, measurement.

Every school day, students will attend at least one of the following: physical education, music, art, computer, library, or Impact Education.

Kindergarten students learn that everybody in the world ought to know about the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They also learn about the heroes who help spread the Good News to the whole world.

Elementary students may either bring their lunch or purchase a hot lunch that is prepared on-site.

30 minutes a day.

Gingerbread hunt, teddy bear parade, Thanksgiving program, fire truck/firemen visit, creation play, 50’s day, 100th day, graduation.

Various destinations.

Kindergarten students celebrate a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party each year during the Christmas season. As they rejoice in the birth of our Savior, students also enjoy unwrapping baby gifts that they have brought to share with a local crisis center. As part of the kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration, students bring a can of corn for a local food pantry.

Every Wednesday, elementary students meet for a time of worship. Students sing worship songs and listen to a short message from God’s Word. Once a month during chapel, students are recognized for character traits. Elementary classes focus on two character traits a month. Teachers recognize students whose behavior has shown evidence of the monthly character traits. (Note: There is a specific Chapel Day Uniform)

Familiar Bible stories with an emphasis on God’s care.

Students pray daily. They are taught to pray by offering praise and thanksgiving, as well as praying for their needs and the needs of others.

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